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Tesla Purple Plates

The Tesla Purple Plate serves as a tiny antenna that relays information between the so-called “Schumann field” (magnetic field between the ionosphere and earth) and the human aura (by resonance). Through the process of modification of the molecular structure, the Tesla Purple Plate achieves resonance with the Life Energy, also referred to as Prana, Qi, or Orgon energy. There is a relationship between the functions of Energy Plates and the well-established properties of negative ions. Tesla himself referred to this function as a way “to resonate with free energy”. The information transmitted by Energy Plates may be used by the human body to initiate self-healing processes. One can apply the plate directly to any aching body part…

Dimensions : 21 x 21 cm
100% Swiss Made since 1992
Manufacturer : Rosen Herz Verlag, Switzerland

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About Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was born on July 10th in Smiljan, a small village in present-day Croatia, as the son of an orthodox priest. The Serbian-American physicist studied in Graz and Vienna and completed his studies in Paris. Nikola Tesla became famous for his invention of the practical use of alternating current – an industrial revolution in his time, and by the creation of a special transformer. At the turn of the century, Tesla was celebrated in the media as "the greatest inventor of all times". Tesla was a pioneer and visionary and filed patents for more than 700 inventions – most of them in the fields of energy and magnetism. Because of his inexhaustible inventive talent, he was held to be an extraordinary individual.

His most outstanding work centered around the tapping of energy as well as its wireless transmission. Some of his visionary inventions would have made boundless sources of energy available for use by mankind.

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